Unsung Heroes: Left to Right, 1. John Yi for KSAF 2. Dr. Sochan Jung for KOEA 3. Consulate General of Korea Kim Hung Gil 4. Dr. Sukjoo Choi for KSEA. Organized and sponsored free career enhancement seminar held in Houston despite the setback of 7 days after Harvey. 150 young professional participated for over 10 hours in Houston, Texas on September 9, 2017. Houston Korean Consulate was a major sponsor. Korea-America Scholarship Foundation (KSAF), Korean-American Oil & Gas Association (KOEA), and Korean Scientists & Engineers Association (KSEA) are volunteer’s professional organizations to assist scientists, engineers, medical researchers, professors and other professionals in enhancing their career while helping others. Everyone wants success in the workplace, but no one is successful with the power of the individual. Work life is a community life. The above group members who have fulfilled this desire and have served us with the labor of love to others who are in need. We should be proud of these unsung heroes who have sacrificing their time and utilizing their talents to promote and help next young generation to build better future for all.

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