Special thanks to Anderson Cooper for taking the time to talk to and encourage Houstonian to volunteers. He was very kind, and it is very appreciated. As a long time resident of Houston, this past week has been a roller coaster of emotion. The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the overwhelming flooding has caused human suffering on a level that even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would ever witness, much less experience. To see so many people friends and neighbors suffer such devastating grief has left me at a loss for words. But among such pain, I have also seen the humanity of this great city and Country. I remember how proud I was in 2005 to see how this City rallied to provide housing and assistance to our neighbors in New Orleans. It is something in the American spirit, where we step up to help others in need. Twelve years later we are the ones in need, and to see people come to help us is an emotional thing. That act of kindness brought upon me a surge of emotion. At a time when this country has such deep divisions in so many areas, our true humanity shines in times like these. It’s just too bad that it takes such tragedy for us to all realize that on the base level all of us want the same thing, to live a happy life

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