CONGRATULATIONS ASTROS! Houston no longer has a problem! When the astronauts of Apollo 13 famously and frantically radioed back to Mission Control in 1970 the now famous expression “Houston we HAVE a problem”, little could they know that the team named for them would win the World Series 47 years later. In a year when this great city suffered its worst natural disaster, only a few months later the Astro’s have lifted the spirits of an entire city that was still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Not since the opening of the Astrodome, the Eighth Wonder of the World has Houston so rocked major league baseball. This team of Astros is certainly something special, perhaps the Ninth Wonder of the World!  And because this team was built the right way, Houston fans can expect this team to only get better. I for one believes that this will not be the last World Series this team will win over the next few years. On behalf of one proud Houstonian, this fan says congratulations to all of our Astro players and staff. We are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see you again in Spring Training, only another 103 days away!

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