July 25, 21 SUN @ Uulan- 2Typhoon

Today, two strong typhoons hit the Philippines.

It was one of those days where it was really difficult to come to worship

because the site was all around with floods and the muddy roads were slippery.

There were too many sick members who were quarantined due to corona due to weather changed, fever, tonsils, headache, body aches, cough, and cold, and there were many people who asked for help and could not attend the service.

But We worshiped and thanked the Lord today even small members, where is our faith? Always rejoice and give thanks, Pray without ceasing.

I pray that we will be able to obey the Word. Pray that typhoons, earthquakes, and corona will settle quickly and that a peaceful day will come soon in the Philippines.

Thank you!!


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