July 23, 21 FRI @ Out-Reach King’s Street

We’re in heavy 2 Typhoon Fabian+Nerpatic together, severe rain, strong windy…day and night this week through.
Even we went out to evangelize people, because of too strong wind, rain, and corona 19,  No people in the street.
So we did a short outreach this time.
My house was also a crisis of water overflows almost, we were ready to escape from the flood.
There were many flood typhoon disasters nearby my house.
This morning had increased earthquake in Mindor. Intensity 6.7.
We’re shocked~~corona19+ 2typhoon+earthquake…

Our Jesus’s coming soon.  This is a sign of His coming soon.
Pray for the philippine for God’s mercy and compassion.
All renew, repent and return to our heart for God’s Word again.
Thank you for pray and supports!


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