July 3, 21 SAT @ Tabang Last Worship Service After 6 Years Due to Govt Ordering Entire Village To Move

Today rain whole day~~
we had our last worship service in Tabang for 6 years.
They move to other areas…
closing Tabang ministry, many good & bad memories for me.
it very sad my heart, God comforts me, rain like my heart.
Their faith is blown out into the air like a dandelion flower seed, and i expect their faith to bear fruit wherever they are.
we did our best for them in 6 years.
Each person 10pcs ramen+1
T-shirt+1 ball pen.
To children…1 big rolly pop+
1 choco bar.
we had a great time together prayer
and worship time.
Even sadness, we filled with full of the holy spirit, joy, new hope in each person’s heart to holding Jesus tightly again.
Our hope, our life in Jesus’s hand!
Thank you for all support&prayers.


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