July 4, 21 SUN @ Uulan Church Worship

💕필리핀 COVID-19 확진자

오늘 현재 총확진자 1,436,369 오늘 새확진자 5,966명 증가

Last night, heavy thunder, lightning, and storm here. Everywhere very slippery and muddy, still raining, mothers not allowed to go out children, be careful with the accident, So today not many children and Moms too busy caring kids in their house.
NO matter how many members sent by God ~~we worship together binding by the holy spirit in one heart in love.
Full of joy, full of spirit, and building up strong faith again.
Now, We have a church building to worship even in rain, No worry, No worry anymore~~
Our songs, our prayers, and our hearts to reach to heaven!!


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