On January 15th, we will celebrate the memory of the great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a recipient of 1964 Nobel Peace Prize would have turned 89 on this date. I think back to November 2, 1983, the day that President Reagan signed into law the legislation creating the MLK holiday. At the time I was a youngest Congressional staffer for the Office of House Speaker Jim Wright. That day I was honored to meet Dr. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King. It was one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life.  Dr. King expressed the three evils that must be eradicated from mankind were: 1. Poverty – unemployment, homelessness, hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy, infant mortality, slums … 2. Racism – apartheid, racial conflict, anti-Semitism, gender discrimination, colonial imperialism, homophobia, age discrimination, discrimination against persons with disabilities, stereotypes … 3. Militarism – war, imperialism, domestic violence, rape, terrorism, trafficking, media violence, drugs, child abuse, violent crime … Dr. King had the understanding of God’s love for all of humanity to the forthright of his movement. On Monday, I will celebrate his birthday and the precious legacy that he has left in American history.

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