Special Thanks to Anderson Cooper of CNN.

He was very kind, and it is very appreciated. As a long time resident of Houston, this past week has been a roller coaster of emotion.The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the overwhelming flooding has caused human suffering on a level that even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would ever witness, much less experience

Unsung Heroes: KSAF, KOEA, & KSEA

Unsung Heroes: Left to Right, 1. John Yi for KSAF 2. Dr. Sochan Jung for KOEA 3. Consulate General of Korea Kim Hung Gil 4. Dr. Sukjoo Choi for KSEA. Organized and sponsored free career enhancement seminar held in Houston despite the setback of 7 days after Harvey.

Texas Governor Mark White.

I first met Governor Mark White back in 1984. He was known as the first Texas Governor to appoint a Hispanic woman to a district judge. Whenever he visited with U.S. Speaker of House of Representative Jim Wright in Washington, DC., I was there to greet him.