Back in 1989 with then Comedian Al Franken, now a U.S. Senator. 29 years later, the time has changed. The recent outing of several powerful men for unwanted sexual advances or harassment has exposed dark secrets that have shaken this country to its core. Women who have been victimized are finding their voices. We owe it to our wife’s, mothers, sisters, and daughters. As an attorney who has represented victims of sexual harassment and assault, I know that it is not an easy decision for victims to come forward. For many women, where the abuse happens in their workplace by a superior, they are concerned that reporting the matter will harm their career, unfortunately, that will probably be the result. The victims that do come forward are often forced by the overburdened courts and legal fees to reach out of court settlements with the Non-Disclosure Agreement. As a result, victims don’t receive total justice and the abuser can still claim innocence without much repercussion other than financial. As a society, we must no longer tolerate this behavior. Men of power, no matter who they are, should not feel safe sexually harassing anyone. Former days are over, women deserve better, we all deserve better. Join me in doing our part.

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